Why Choose Coaching?


I could probably count 100 reasons why coaching is beneficial to everyone. No matter how successful, talented, or perfect you are the right coach can take you to the next level.

But there is are a few themes that I see over and over.

Decision Making- About 80% of my clients come to me with a big decision to make. Maybe a change in job, location, or relationship; they can all be very scary! As a coach, I can help them examine their choices from all angles and identify possible pitfalls in each.  Armed with the “good, bad, and ugly”, making a big choice becomes a lot easier.


General Unhappiness-  We hear the word “depression” thrown around a lot. Our general lack of connection to others keeps us feeling isolated and withdrawn. So when the world is not going the way we know it should, we are often left without an outlet to work through this despair. Coaching is NOT for those with serious mental illness. Coaching IS an effective for increasing your life satisfaction and overall happiness.


Relationships- LOVE (or lack there of) is a BIG reason for coaching! Whether you want to find the right someone or get rid of the wrong someone, a coach can make it easier.


Goal Setting and Taking Action- I see tons of this one! You know what you want. Maybe even you know how to get there. But somewhere along the path you lose your way. Or maybe you just need that extra encouragement to take that first step. Either way, coaching and hynosis can make it easier and increase your chances of success. Life coaching is an EXCELLENT way to get from where you are to where you want to be!



Accountability-  One of the greatest parts of being a grown up is not having to be accountable! Or is it? As kids, we know if we don’t do what we are supposed to….there are consequences right? For most of us adults we do what we have to (we go to work, pay takes, refrain from beating our kids, or cheating on our spouse). But when it comes to the  “stuff” standing in the way of our happiness (being healthy, becoming our own boss, setting aside time for family, strengthen our spiritual connections) we are only accountable to ourselves. A good coach holds you capable of meeting your own goals and holds you accountable for them. Why do you think Alcoholics Anonymous and Jenny Craig are so successful? They hold you accountable and rightfully celebrate your victories. They are essentially life coaching organizations.


Success-  Many people use coaching and hypnosis to reach their personal, financial, and academic goals. It could be the edge you need to get to the next level. Just ask ANY professional athlete!


Balance- My favorite definition of balance is

“A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements,

as in a design.” A coach can support you to achieve balance in your personal,

professional, romantic, and spiritual life. In fact, I have a tool that will allow you

to gauge and balance 21 key areas of your life and I can show you where your time

“suckages” are. So you can stop wasting time and start living a more balanced life!

Permission - It may sound strange but often people find the permission they need to be happy through coach and hypnosis. We are all a culmination of our experiences. We live as adults with the myths we learn as kids. For many, that means believing we’re not good enough, important enough, smart enough. It could also mean that we are not allowed to fail or disappoint. I can help you learn to rewire your thinking and undue the myths that are holding you back.

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