Goal Clarity/Improved Sleep/Mindfulness/Stress and Pain Relief/ PTSD/Breaking Bad Habbits/Better Judgement/Breaking Through Barriers


I believe hypnosis is a powerful tool to maximize your potential by helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can allow your brain to reboot, leaving behind unwanted and counter-productive thoughts and habits.  

Pain Management

Deep Relaxation

Accessing Your Subconsious

Improved Sleep, Judgement, and Clarity 

Athletes and academics have been using coaching since the dawn of competition.

Using a combination of evidence based techniques, you can cut through your emotional clutter and develop a strategy and skillset to meet your goals.

                             If you or someone you know could use some help:

                                                              Finding happiness at work or at home

                                                              Getting emotionally organized or

                                                              Navigating a big life change


Coaching and / or hypnosis may be the answer.  Check out my page on Noomii.com to learn why I believe Leverage Pointe Coaching is the key to creating successful outcomes.

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